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Luis, a scriptwriter who lives in Madrid and who is about to have a daughter, returns to his native village of Cocentaina surrounded by the mountains of Alicante. He intends to help his brother Kiko and his cousin Alberto write a book about the cuisine of their family restaurant: L’Escaleta, which has just received two Michelin stars and is listed among the 25 best restaurants in Spain and Portugal. Together they embark on an emotional culinary trip that lasts for a whole year as the dream of writing the book slowly turns into reality. And, while Luis’s quest helps him to reunite with his people, the viewer is able to observe the real life goings-on behind a two-star Michelin restaurant created by a devoted family who are always passionate about their work and determined to offer people the best of themselves.

España. 2018.  95´

Kinoskopik / Nadie es Perfecto



San Sebastian IFF 2018

Berlin 2019

Mostra Sao Paulo 2019

Alicante IFF 2019

Toronto Food IFF 2019

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